I was recently admitted to Avantara Chicago Ridge for rehabilitation after a fall. When given the choice of three different facilities to recover after my hospital stay, I gladly chose Avantara because I was familiar with the building. As a former police detective, I was previously assigned to a case in which I had to work with the Stickney Township Department of Aging to ensure the well-being of a community member. We decided to place her here, and the staff was wonderful with her. Because of that, I knew I would be in good hands for my short-term rehab. The therapy team has been outstanding. They are teaching me exercises that improve my stability and balance, as well as helping me regain strength to perform routine daily tasks. I hope to return home soon. It might sound scripted, but the staff at Avantara Chicago Ridge is fantastic, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

- Barb G.

Just over a week after undergoing surgery, Karen was admitted to Avantara Chicago Ridge to recover and for physical and occupational therapy. After three weeks at Avantara, Karen is ready to go home to her beautiful cat in Burbank. She praised every department at Avantara. ‘I can only say great things about everyone here. Everyone was absolutely wonderful. All I worked with were encouraging and just so great.’ the 74-year-old said. The therapists and nurses received huge compliments from Karen. She said, ‘Everyone went above and beyond. My stay was very pleasant, and I received excellent care from all departments, from housekeeping, nursing, OT to PT.’ Karen also thanked members of the social services department. ‘Patti was so helpful. There were many times people would go out of their line of work to find something out or do something for me.’, she said.

- Karen G.

My father was a resident at Avantara Chicago Ridge, and  I want to recognize the outstanding staff, especially Roy, Eucharia (RNs), Char (RN supervisor), and Michelle (CNA). They were some of the most amazing people we’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with during his stay. They were compassionate and knowledgeable and helped him stay comfortable and at ease. Thank you for giving him the best rehabilitation, wound care and helping him recover. He is home now, thanks to the excellent team at Avantara.

- Danielle T.

I came to Avantara Chicago Ridge after surgery on my leg. I needed physical therapy to regain my strength. I have been here for a couple of months, and I am making good progress. I could not walk when I first arrived, but now I can walk twenty-four steps with my walker. I am even using the bicycle! My therapist has helped me so much. I call her “the general.” She makes sure I put in the work. She encourages me. I also like to think that I bring a smile to her face. I mean, it’s not every day that you meet a woman named Charles! It makes a great conversation starter. I still have more work to do to reach my goals, but I know I am in good hands at Avantara Chicago Ridge.

- Charles J.

I went to Avantara Chicago Ridge for post-hospital care because I needed more time to recover before returning home. A social worker recommended them, and I am glad I went. They exceeded my expectations and helped me reach my recovery goals. The staff was wonderful, courteous, and dependable, especially Roy (nurse). He was compassionate and very accommodating. I can tell that he genuinely cared about the residents. I highly recommend them for personalized care and attention.

- Suzanne M.

I was apprehensive about going to a rehabilitation center for physical therapy, but I immediately changed my mind as soon as I got to Avantara Chicago Ridge. The staff was very helpful from the moment I arrived. They treated me with utmost care. I couldn’t walk when I got there, and thanks to their superior care, I am back on my feet. I also appreciate the kitchen team for serving warm meals and fresh fruit. I am incredibly grateful to their staff. I’m glad that I chose Avantara!

- Mildred C.

I went to Avantara Chicago Ridge for rehabilitation after surgery. I really loved my physical and occupational therapists. The entire staff was friendly and caring, especially Barb (PT) and Lindsay (OT). I became more mobile thanks to their help. My family was very impressed with how clean the facility was, and I really liked my room. Thank you, Avantara!

- Norma B.

I came to Avantara Chicago Ridge after an amputation. The therapy staff has been excellent . They have gotten me to the point where I feel confident transferring from place to place and getting in and out of my wheelchair. Mobility is key for me, and I am slowly getting it back. I can roll down the hallway and grab a book to read from the library or sit in the dining room and talk to people. Over the past few years, I have traveled the world with my family. My goal is to get back to traveling as soon as possible. Everything I am learning at Avantara Chicago Ridge is getting me closer to my goal each day.

- Carolyn G.

I had a very positive experience at Avantara Chicago Ridge. The staff worked well with our caregiver. They communicated well and did an outstanding job with her physical therapy. The nurse did an exceptional job explaining my mom’s medications and ensuring we had enough supplies to take home during discharge. She also prepared a detailed chart to give to my mom’s primary care doctor to continue her care when she got home.

- Michael A.

I recently had to undergo emergency surgery, and I decided to go back to Avantara Chicago Ridge for my recovery. I had been there eight years ago for a skin graft and trusted them because of their excellent service and my doctor’s connection with their team. From the moment I arrived, the staff treated me with courtesy and kindness, helping me recover both mentally and physically. Their dedication gave me hope. The entire team stands out for their support, always willing to listen, spend time, and work through any issues with me. Andrea from social services has been particularly helpful in resolving problems, but every member reaches out to provide comprehensive assistance. They work closely together to ensure everyone gets the right care. At Avantara Chicago Ridge, you can count on them to create a customized team that will help you regain your strength and return to your loved ones. They listen to your needs and work tirelessly to find solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend them to friends and family seeking high-quality care

-Gloria B.

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